[Jandek] new orleans show...cancelled?

Jonathan 23 bad_dreams at elvis.com
Tue Aug 30 12:09:18 PDT 2005

does anyone here have any official word yet on whether or not the new
 orleans show this friday at tulane university is cancelled or
 not?  i and eight of my friends all have tickets, and we were
 planning to drive out there on friday and make a weekend of jandek,
 southern decadence, and french quarter whoring, but now it seems that
 most of new orleans might be underwater and their might be no power at
 all on account of this hurricane.


 i've checked the website where i bought my tickets, but there is no
 information.  i've tried to call the venue, but understandably,
 all the phone lines are busy.  is anyone in touch with the
 promoters?  do you think the show will be postponed or cancelled


 any information that anyone can provide would be much appreciated.  thanks.


 oh, and what happened to the widely reported information that flaherty
 and chris corsano would be jandek's backup on this mini-tour? 
 never heard anything about these two drummers or the bassist that
 people are reporting seeing in austin.  maybe flaherty and corsano
 will only be playing at the nyc show?


 also, how was mv/ee medicine show and christina carter?  weren't
 they also supposed to play at the austin show?  i know they were
 on the bill for new orleans.



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