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Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Sat Aug 20 16:42:15 PDT 2005

I certainly hope not!  A group of us (now only 3) from Fayetteville, AR should be there around 5:30 or so (I'm imagining a big line??? Might be a good spot for introductions.  I'm 6'5 with black hair and will almost certainly be wearing an Underdog shirt (tough to miss, I figure))

Most interested in where we might all go afterward.  Any Austin-ites on the list got some suggestions?  Haven't heard if any other bands are on the line-up for this show, nor do I know if Jandek will play first or last if bands ARE opening (aren't Charalambides from Austin? ONly makes sense that they might open - I hope so!) but I intend to stay for the full show regardless of when Jandek plays. But we could still set a place maybe for afterward? Anyone?

Oh yeah and in mention to the missing person above:  I have exactly ONE ticket available if anybody needs one (I'm selling it at cost).  Contact me offlist if so.

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Anyone thinking about a meet up in Austin? Or are we all too scared of one another?

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