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--- brandon horton <tagsartist at adelphia.net> wrote:
> Hey All,
> I had a few questions:
> 1) Did anyone ever figure out the track listing or song titles
> from the DVD "Jandek On Corwood"? because I would really like
> to have a list... What is the track listing or the closest
> track listing that anyone  came up with?


> 2) About the album 'Glasgow Sunday', are the songs that are on
> this album all new or are they just live versions of old
> songs?

All songs are new.  None were previously released.

> 3) Also, does anyone know what era of songs that Jandek will
> be playing live at his upcoming shows?

Nobody knows.  However, it would be very surprising if he did a
'greatest hits' style show.  None of the three shows that have
already happened featured any previously released songs.  It
would also go against the artistic aesthetic.  Jandek is, for
the most part, an improviser...

> 4) And finally, did anyone ever separate the albums into
> era's? I know that there have been a lot theories but did that
> issue ever get answered?

I'm not sure what you're asking.  Are you asking about releases
or recording sessions?  If you are asking about a definite
answer concerning recording sessions then the answer is no. 
Nobody will know for sure until Corwood releases session logs or
an organized session-ography to the viewing public.  

The releases can best be organized by original format:
Corwood 0739-0760 = "LP" Era
Corwood 0761-0780 = "CD" Era

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