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Robertson Davis soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 13 11:25:14 PDT 2005

I made a list of the songs on which the Blue Corpse dude (Eddie?) appears. I think it's fairly complete. Unless noted, assume he sings lead.
"Jaws of Murmur"
"Didn't Ask Why" (background)
"Dearly Need Some Words"
"Straight Thirty seconds" (background mutterings could be him)
"Bring on Fatima" (says song's title?)
"I Passed by the Building"
"C F"
"Your Other Man" (howls and laughs in background)
"Long Way" (laughs)
"One Minute" 
"The Way that You Act" (comments in background)
"I Know the Times"
"I'll Sit Alone and Think a Lot about You"

alextl at fsmail.net wrote:

has anyone ever done a list on here or whereever of songs which have a different singer? (inc. the female ones)

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