[Jandek] New York show sold out

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Thu Aug 11 03:21:39 PDT 2005

Great minds think alike. I mailed a letter last night -- actually, 
immediately after the tickets sold out and hours before I learned of my 
credit card mishap. 
 I'm so excited that the show sold out! If Glasgow Sunday and the reviews of 
the other shows are any indication, the performance will be fantastic. I 
just hope that those who come to see him out of curiosity rather than a 
familiarity with the music come away from it wanting to hear more. It'd be 
great if there were a concession table where people could pick up some CDs.

 On 8/10/05, Seth Tisue <seth at tisue.net> wrote: 
> Consider dropping Corwood a line and letting them know you tried to get
> a ticket but couldn't. Who knows, maybe they'd consent to adding a
> second show if they heard there was demand, or if not at least it might
> make Jandek more inclined to visit the east coast again sometime.
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