[Jandek] More Theories

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Aug 10 18:40:39 PDT 2005

> "More thoughts," as in I'd like to introduce a radical idea -- Blue
> Corpse isn't an album put together from a single session with two
> different vocalists: the deeper voice of the first few tracks, 
> with the
> more commonly-associated "Jandek" voice which takes over the latter
> part.
> Those first tracks were sung by Jandek, I assure you.  And they were
> recorded (a few years) later than the tracks which followed.  Those
> ensuing tracks were recorded sometime before many featured on Modern
> Dances, too. 

I don't know - in some ways this is my favorite theory but I can't place any songs with the deeper voice to match up with the "blue corpse" stuff.  Still, could be from a session largely unreleased if so?
> Jandek albums are put together cohesively.  The earlier ones were 
> linkedby a common story, theme, or style of imagery (not necessarily
> symbolism, mind you). The latter (and on this point I couldn't promise
> you) seem to have merely the playing style as a common link, 
> although I
> suspect that the artist has his own theme in mind that is not
> immediately obvious to the listener.  Corwood actually does have a
> vision.

Oh yes Corwood DEFINITELY has a vision.  Doesn't mean it's all carefully constructed but rather that each album is thematic and is meant to be taken as a piece.  The band stuff is a little different from this and the height of the "concept albums" seems to be the second acoustic period.  Someone suggested to me last spring that "White Box Requiem" is not just a single session but a single TAKE.  Listening back through it i think he's right - it does have "placed" pauses that separate the tracks. Anyone else ever noticed this?  Could be he's been doing "live" albums (as in start to finish) for some time now, or at least a few times.  This is the only one (White Box) that I'm fairly sure of. 



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