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Anthology has two auditoriums, neither one particularly large-- the larger
one seats about 200 people and I don't recall if the seats are removable or
not. The other one is much smaller-- less than half the size. Ah-- just got
the web page up-- the little one seats 75. Geez, they have even the RENTAL
RATES posted-- for the big one it's $300 for the first hour, $250 for each
additional hour. Hmmm...

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> got mine just now.  limit 2 tix per person.  they are "general admission"
which is good i
> think.
> anyone ever seen any musical acts at anthology?  is it in the same room
they screen the
> films?  meaning, are there seats?  i'd prefer it if there weren't.
> thanks for the up-to-date info seth!  you helped a lot with your ticket
updates.  although i
> may or may not like the concert itself (depending on what he does), for me
to live in a city
> he's actually playing and not go seems wrong!
> d.
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