[Jandek] new york show (frustration)

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Yep, I took the bus down from Boston to get tickets.  Stopped by the
building & called.  Yet none of the Anthology folks ever bothered to mention
to me that tix were in fact on sale right around the corner at Other.  They
just told me to check the website later in the week.  As someone who works
in a store that sells similar sorts of tickets from time to time, I can't
say much for the job they've done so far.


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> No update from the site and I can't call them from
> work.  And they can't spell 'performance'.
> I can't tell if these people are completely
> incompetent or trying to make seeing Jandek as hard as
> humanly possible in a really shitty pompous NYC way.
> I'm leaning towards the latter.  I mean, a secret
> price?  Come on.
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