[Jandek] Raining Down Diamonds vocals

Fabio R. pippus at fastwebnet.it
Thu Aug 4 11:16:06 PDT 2005

On Diamonds, his voice his higher. I'd say this recording was from post-Lost 
Cause & pre-I Threw You Away even though the playing style is the same as 
his most recent ones. Maybe it was his first foray with the acoustic bass as 
he sounds tentative on it compared to the other bass albums. I also think 
the reworking of Take My Will was done closer to the first released version, 
but I only say that because of his voice.

--i've had the same feeling.
Listening to "what things are", the first song, for example, his voice seems 
turned a bit younger.

So he doesn't release everything chronologically.

--it seems so..


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