[Jandek] Any Ideas??

chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Wed Apr 20 07:45:58 PDT 2005

mitch king <lordinfernus_2001 at yahoo.com> asked:

>      Just wanted to know if any body on the list knew
>how long it usually takes to get an order back from
>Corwood?  I live in Fl, and ordered a box of 20 over 3
>weeks ago, haven't heard anything yet. Yes, I maybe
>over-excited,just wanted know if anyone knows?
>                             Mitch in Fl

i ordered 3 CDs and it took about 2-3 weeks.  first it takes time for 
our fine US postal service to trudge over to texas.  no idea how 
often the PO box is checked (might have to dodge some documentary 
filmmakers or freaks lying in wait there, ha ha).  presumably he 
waits for the check to clear.  and then it's up to those faithful 
couriers to make their allegedly swift completion of their appointed 
rounds...in other words, it may arrive soon, but don't hold your 

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