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Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Apr 18 01:16:22 PDT 2005

Hey -
I bought the "Glasgow Sunday" CD yesterday.  Its available from MONORAIL RECORDS in Glasgow (inside Mono which is across from the 13th Note, in Kings Court Glasgow)
They had a fine selection of Jandek records such as Foreign Keys, Put My Dream on this Planet, I woke up, White Box Requiem, and Glasgow Sunday (they had a few of each)
 The sound on this record is phenomenal, much better than the bootleg version and the music on the first track is a testament to this -  Its like every sonic youth cacophony gone horribly horribly wrong.  It sounds great, so if yr someone who thinks Jandeks gone a bit same-y of late this is the cd for you.  
The clapping and audience cheers that were absent from the original bootlegs are all included, and there is often a lot of murmuring at the start of some of the songs, which could be the band conversing, or could be audience members getting picked up.   Different information is given from the other albums in that it says "Recorded live: The Arches  Glasgow  Scotland  October 17 2004" at the bottom of the record.    The playing on "Not even water" is absolutely brilliant and I cannot describe how much better the sound is on the CD than on the bootlegs.  
The only problem is that on this song the vocal is far far too low in the mix, and in this respect the bootleg is better, but on every other note on the record the official corwood edition wins hands down. This CD is essential Jandek.  

The front cover is of an old style church with a steeple from what I remember, there is a suburban road leading up to it with cars on it.

If yr interested in picking up a copy from monorail, they cost ?7 - an absolute bargain.  All Jandek releases cost ?6.99 in monorail, and most CDs they have in are around this price.

you should give them a phone to see if theyve still got copies in - 0141 553 2400 - its easily the best record shop in Glasgow if you like music.  Lets just hope they put out the DVD now! 


"Seated by the ranch I?m owning, staring at the cellophane.  Somebody came in for a question, I poured a glass out in the rain.  The reason I have been accepted, is that I failed to come on strong;  found a chair beside a window, found a place where I belong.  Inside myself there is no question, just the jangle of our brain. Three times four is twenty-seven, only fragments still remain." - jandek, 'first you think your fortune's lovely' ("Ready for the House" LP 1978)
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