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I'm confused. I haven't seen the film, but I know that Jandek was well
into his career before Option started publishing.  In the early - mid
80s I was a community radio programmer (KAOS FM at Evergreen State
College), where we had Jandek records, and I worked at the Lost Music
Network publication OP, where I did distribution and editorial work. 
By the time I came along (towards the middle of its run), Jandek was a
regular advertiser, and had albums reviewed in OP. Option (and Sound
Choice) only began publication when OP reached the successful and
intended end of publication (John Foster was a follower of Stewart
Brand, and did what Brand promised, but never did - ended the run of
his publication when it was meant to, and broke up the organization
and distributed assets to its successors).

Was David Rauh (LMN/OP advertising manager) interviewed for the film?
He surely knew more about Jandek than any of the rest of us, and
didn't make us privy to it. He kept any information he had about
Jandek / Stirling / who and whatever close to his chest as the artist
wanted it, and we understood that. But Rauh certainly had more
dealings with him than any of the rest of us, including Calvin
Johnson, who I understand was in the film.  I seem to recall hearing
John was in it also.

Anyway, I'm clearly operating with a deficit of information here, I
need to see the film, but I do know the few things I know - Jandek had
many opportunities to be influenced by his public and his press before
Option came along.

On 4/13/05, chthonic streams <chthonic at chthonicstreams.com> wrote:
> >As for the theory that "Ready for the House" is the only pure
> >record, I personally think this is a >ridiculous point of view.
> >Nothing is ever recorded in a vacuum.  No record made by humans
> >is >recorded in a vacuum.
> perhaps this was overstated originally or i simplified the quote from
> the movie.  what i think was meant by this was, this album had no
> outside critical reaction that could have influenced it.  once
> someone knows people are listening, or even reads reviews (and jandek
> obviously read the option review, as stated in the film), it's going
> to affect the output after that somewhat.  it's almost unavoidable.
> d.
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