[Jandek] Eighty dollars. (The box arrives.)

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Tue Apr 12 09:49:50 PDT 2005

Hey Dek-heads.

The box from Corwood arrived on Friday, a day I barely remember as I 
was laid up and delirious with about the worst flu I've had in twenty 
years.  Over the weekend I got into it and was giddy with the 
discovery.  You may or may not recall, I sent the order with no 
particular expectations.  "You pick" was the note I sent with my check.

What I got back was, I think, as close to an admitted "Best of" as 
possible in such an unusual body of work.  There are no discernible 
patterns to be seen, and no evidence of random pulling.  I think this 
was a well-thought out and lovingly assembled retrospective.

Here's what I got:

0739 ready for the house UPC
0740 six and six UPC
0742 chair beside a window
0746 the rocks crumble
0747 interstellar discussion
0749 foreign keys
0753 blue corpse UPC
0754 you walk alone UPC
0757 somebody in the snow UPC
0759 lost cause UPC
0761 graven image UPC
0763 white box requiem (OLDER PRESSING/FONT VARIANT)
0766 the beginning
0767 put my dream on this planet
0770 i threw you away UPC
0772 the place UPC
0774 shadow of leaves UPC
0775 the end of it all UPC
0777 a kingdom he likes UPC
0778 when i took that train UPC

Let the debating begin.

The Power of Pure Stupidity
available at bjason.com
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