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Sun Apr 10 03:21:52 PDT 2005

RE: Sold Out,
I think your onto something, Maybe Jandek has actually sold out of some  
titles. I recently received about 150 CDs from them and there are clearly 3  
different packaging variations now. Most of the older titles now have bar codes  as 
well as the newer titles. Some of the late 90s titles do not. It would be my  
guess that Jandek had to get some more printed up. I haven't listened to the  
older  re-reissues but I wouldn't be surprised if they had some minor  
recording mods done as well. If Corwood took them the original tapes to put on  CD 
then they would automatically "Clean them up" perhaps more than the  previously 
used mfgr. As far as the space in between the tracks goes, that is  standard 
and you would have to request no space if that's what you wanted
I was recently involved in helping a friend get a CD out and I found out  and 
all of the CD pressing companies offered a package that included a small  
amount of mastering time and a bar code. It's my understanding that there is no  
law that requires a bar code but almost all retailers and distributors 
require.  They have always seemed interested in getting the product sold based on 
what  little I have seen and read.
Steve Payne
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