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chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Tue Apr 5 18:28:15 PDT 2005

>He changed stylists.  Look for the track "I Don't Want U" on the 
>next cd for more details.
>Chris Garver <cgarver at gmail.com> wrote:
>When why and how did jandeks hair go from almost holy white blond to
>burning stepson red? There are very young pictures of him blond and
>red, and of course the last few recent pictures its definately red?
>any ideas?

i think he's a natural strawberry blond and the range is usually as 
simple as differences in cameras and how they read color.  note that 
most of the pictures are of horrendous quality and the lighting is 
different every time.

although sometimes (someone in the snow) the blond is so harsh it 
looks like a bleach job.

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