[Jandek] My box o' 20 note

Matthew Dinaro alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 12:01:26 PDT 2004

Cool beans, I live right next to Worcester! If he
spent time there, it's no wonder he's depressed. 

--- Dave Parent <dave9199 at lycos.com> wrote:

> I received my box of 20 (got the first 20 albums),
> and in a note I sent (after reading the archives
> about saying Sterling was possibly 
> from Providence, RI though I know it began about 
> Nancy being from Providence) which I mentioned my
> wife & I recently lived 
> there & talked about a couple specifics in relation
> to the area. I also mentioned where we currently
> live (Cromwell, CT) & where 
> I'm originally from (Worecester, MA). His response
> to all of this was in total:
> Those places-no
> Worcester-yes
> So he's saying he's never been to Providence, RI. 
> Also the song Gretchen from Living In A Moon So Blue
> mentions fishing in the sea in Galillee (sp?). That
> town is next door to Point 
> Judith in RI. Figured it was more of an easy rhyme
> rather than an actual event.
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