[Jandek] Jandek on Amazon

Rick Bradley rick at rickbradley.com
Sat Sep 25 15:40:10 PDT 2004

* Dave Parent (dave9199 at lycos.com) [040925 15:42]:
> You won't believe this, within the last week, Amazon has added Jandek cds. 13 right now for $8.98 ea. The next documentary will 
> be called Jandek on Amazon! 

Whoa.  Freaky.

I wonder if Corwood worked out a deal with Amazon, or whether somebody
at Amazon decided that they could probably fill orders by just ordering
to the post-office box and then shipping them out to the customer.
That would be pretty risky I'd think, but I guess Amazon can always just
say "well, this item is currently out of stock" like I've seem them do
with other orders in the past.

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