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Here in Fayetteville, Arkansas it's surprising how many people have HEARD of Jandek.  Mostly, once they HEAR Jandek the results are predictable - "that's it? That's awful. I could do that." I've been listening for over 11 years and nobody else I know has stuck with it.

But recently (largely helped by the freakfolk scene) people are opening up.  I burned a "Blue Corpse" (from lp) for a friend who'd read about the DVD and expected the usual response.  Instead he liked it.  Not only that, but about three weeks later he says "I can't get it out of my head.  I've been driving around at night listening to it. Where do you think I should go next?"  He also admitted to having put songs on comp cds he'd made for people.  Some of them liked it.  A few had burned HIS copy of Blue Corpse.  Plans had been made for a "Jandek on Corwood" watching party when it came out (this guy works at a coffee shop and knows everybody). 

In other words, strange things are afoot in this town.  As I said, I've been pretty much the lone holdout (typical I think for a city like this) up till now.  Suddenly a generation fifteen years younger than me are opening up, listening to Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom and Will Oldham and ready for new, stranger things.

And Jandek, as always, is there. And will be when these people move on to the next scene, maybe finally making that drums/vocals album I've been waiting for. But I bet at least one or two of them remain on the boat.  Who would have predicted THAT in 1978?

who knows,


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Subject: RE: [Jandek] Jandek Fans

> i have only met a few people in milwaukee that have at least heard 
> of 
> jandek.  i have two friends out of state that listen to him.  
> mostly, i just 
> introduce jandek to others (in a squealing excited fashion).  i 
> went to a 
> screening of JOC in chicago and the first thing i could do was 
> laugh, 
> thinking in my head "oh man, ALL these people like jandek!"  it 
> was heaven.
> but i suppose what makes the list so special is that it can be 
> rare to find 
> jandek fans where you are.  most of the time we're so spread out 
> anyways...
> dixie
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