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Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Sun Oct 31 06:35:16 PST 2004

What's your favorite song from the first 20 cds? Here's a list to cut & paste. I'll have to think of mine.

 Ready for the House -
 Six and Six -
 Later On -
 Chair Beside a Window -
 Living in a Moon So Blue -
 Staring at the Cellophane - 
 Your Turn to Fall - 
 The Rocks Crumble - 
 Interstellar Discussion -
 Nine-Thirty -
 Foreign Keys -
 Telegraph Melts -
 Follow Your Footsteps -
 Modern Dances -
 Blue Corpse -
 You Walk Alone - 
 On the Way - 
 The Living End -
 Somebody in the Snow -
 One Foot in the North -
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