[Jandek] Re: Bad timing? Thunder stolen?

Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 05:52:31 PDT 2004

I don't think this was a deliberate thing on Corwood's
part.  The negotiations to get Jandek to a gig had
been underway for seven months; if I recall, JoC was
on the film festival circuit by that time.

As someone involved in creative decisions, I know that
something will ALWAYS be better if you delay it.  You
think of new things, trim up or sharpen the old, take
out things you see as bad or unworkable.  But there
has to come a point where, as Winston Churchill said,
you have to kill the beast and fling him to the

Myself, I've been wondering if there wouldn't have
been a live gig if the documentary hadn't been made. 
I can see the thought process.  After years of work,
someone sees fit to do a documentary about you. 
Opening work up to a new audience, enabling you to
move the music.  Then the inevitable DVD.  Maybe
someone at Houston Records said, "Yeah, we can press
those, too."  Thinking, "If they can put a documentary
out about the music, maybe I could put one out

What I'm wondering is, who footed the bill for all the
video cameras, crew and taping of the event?  Was it
part of the deal to come out and play, or did Mr.
Smith break into his rainy day fund?  Makes me wonder,
especially if he had the option of going and not

All I know for sure is that the live stuff is
absolutely riveting.  There's a real energy in the
performance that I didn't know Jandek had (outside of
maybe, "Only Lover").  I can't wait for the official
release and the rumored DVD.

Joe Clifford Faust
JCF Online/The Word Foundry:

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