[Jandek] Bad timing? Thunder stolen?

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Wed Oct 27 09:41:57 PDT 2004

At 6:52 AM -0500 10/27/04, Christopher Petkus wrote:
>  I wonder what Paul Fehler and Chad Freidrichs think of the Corwood 
>Live phenomenon.  Had they been able to shoot it for Jandek on 
>Corwood, it would have dractically changed the film.

I actually think that it's good timing--the live appearance seems to 
build on the film in a way.  My suspicion is that without the film, 
the show would never have happened.

Also, our Pittsburgh-area list members will be able to see the film 
in November as part of the Three Rivers Film Festival.  It'll play 
Thursday Nov. 11 (9:15) and Friday Nov. 12 (7:15) at the Pittsburgh 
Filmmakers (Melwood Screening Room).   Also, the Moog documentary is 
on the 10th, at 7:15.

Anyway, info here: http://www.3rff.com/2004/films.html#jandekoncorwood

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