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I don't think Seth is implying that Jandek's first album was "pure" because of when it was recorded, but rather because of its potential audience (and please Seth correct me if I'm wrong about this).  When that first album was released, it truly was into a vacuum - nobody knew who he was, or what to expect.  When 'Six and Six' came out there was an audience (however small) and Chusid was getting the gospel out to the six or seven people ready to hear it.  With each album sales increased (I assume) and a few fanzines, Spin and Option responded with pieces. Although the original batch of records may have all come from seventies era sessions, Jandek had to feel confident that somebody out there was listening.  
This is how I understand Chusid's relationship to be important.  Without his boost, our "Representative" may not have felt courageous enough to drop the money on another thousand copies he wasn't gonna "move." Now that he knew there was somebody, he could press on.  I believe this is what has kept him going all this time, and that the reason he felt so "alive" may have something to do with the anonymous response of much of the crowd.  We've heard the sides of those in the know, or who came into the know, of what they were seeing. What about the "90% of the crowd" (to quote Gavin) who had no idea what was going on?  I think that's what boosted him - the idea that people could get into what he was doing with no expectations attached. How many Richard Youngs fans are walking around right now saying "I don't know who that guy Richard was jamming with was, but that was some wild stuff."  I think Jandek proved to himself that his appeal is broader than the "legend" and that the ri
ght crowd of people might respond positively based only on what they heard, without all the "mystery" attached. In this sense, one could almost see this gig as being the first "pure" experience since Corwood's only recording artist was called The Units.  This leaves me more curious than ever to see what will happen next.

Also, here's another question to ponder: under what title will this live recording be released under?  Jandek?  Jandek Live?  Jandek w/ Richard Youngs and Alex N? The Representative from Corwood live at Instal? Will Richard and Alex be credited at all? (I hope I'm getting the drummers name clost to right -it's late) These are the questions bopping around my mind.

gotta admit, when I did the dishes tonight, I got a kick out of it.  LOVE these recordings!  

ponder ponder,


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Subject: Re: [Jandek] 1st album only "pure" one

> In this case, pure is not used just as a qualitative word but as
> a description.  A 'pure' album is one that is less affected by
> outside influences.  For instance, early DEVO demo tracks would
> be considered 'very pure,' because they were produced entirely
> by the band, whereas the album "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are
> Devo!" would be considered 'less pure' because of the outside
> infuence of the record's producer, Brian Eno.  By saying the
> demos are more pure, you are not actually saying they are
> better.  You're not saying they're worse, either.
> Also keep in mind that if you can't really compare the 'purity'
> of Jandek recordings to those of other recording artists.  In
> this case, the purity of Jandek's recordings would compare much
> closer with my a-capella vocal performance in the shower this
> morning  :)
> --- Justin Bailey <alfredggnome at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Any discussion of "purity" in terms of whether some
> > albums are more or less Jandek just ends up being an
> > out-hipping competition, like "I have to separate
> > myself from these new fans jumping on the bandwagon,
> > so I'll say I like Jandek on some higher level."
> > Frankly, it just seems pretentious and silly to me.
> > Perhaps it's the nature of Jandek that lets people get
> > away with saying this crap. If someone were making the
> > same sort of assertion on a Guns 'n Roses list, that,
> > say "Appetite for Destruction" is more pure than "Use
> > Your Illusion" everyone would just call the person an
> > jerk.
> > 
> > /Justin
> > --- Dave Parent <dave9199 at lycos.com> wrote:
> > 
> > > I disagree with this comment made by Seth, I think.
> > > Because in Sterling Smith's response to Chusid's
> > > letter in 1980, he says he has at least 10 more
> > > albums & wants to release them all. That would make
> > > the first 11 albums "pure" which is up to Foreign
> > > Keys. I, myself, think their all pure anyway.
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