[Jandek] Hey, everyone.

kanekp at muohio.edu kanekp at muohio.edu
Thu Oct 21 19:26:39 PDT 2004

Hey, thanks a ton for those mp3's.

I've been a Jandek fan for about 36 hours.  I read about him about that
long ago at Pitchfork.  Were it not for his recent appearance, I probably
would have never heard about him.

Right now, I have about 20 mp3's -- half of them covers.  And I've read
about four hours' worth of biography.

This is all certainly a mindfuck.  I walked about today in a sort of
haze... most of life seeming insignificant, etc.  Although his music is in
no way enjoyable (at least on the most basic level), I can't help but to
think that what he's doing is... infinitely virtuous.  There is something
so enthralling about the legacy... of everyone in the world, I don't think
I respect anyone as much as I do Jandek, right now.  It's weird.

And it freaks me the hell out.  Everything about this freaks me the hell
out.   There are so many possibilities, so many avenues of thinking.  I

Anyways, sorry about this, if you've heard it a million times before. 
Maybe y'all can tell me something about Jandek you think is the most
interesting thing you've heard.  Or something.  Also, does anyone have
more links to mp3's?

Thanks again, guys.

~ Kevin

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