[Jandek] Six Organs, etc.

Gregory Stanton gregory.stanton at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 21 17:34:56 PDT 2004

Also, any word on the audience's response? I can't
hear anything but the music on the recordings (which
are awesome -- I'm especially fond of Track 3; very

--- Seth Tisue <seth at tisue.net> wrote:

> Maybe this is colored by my lack of enthusiasm for
> Six Organs of
> Admittance, but I'm guessing "the representative
> from Corwood" came by
> to see the hall and the stage, not specifically to
> hear them.
> I've heard the live MP3's now.  They're great; my
> fears about the rhythm
> section were unfounded.  The sound quality is
> surprisingly good, too.
> Does anyone know who actually made the recording...?
>  Or is that person
> not wanting to identify themselves for fear Corwood
> might object?
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