[Jandek] Six Organs, etc.

Chris Nelson embassy_row at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 21 16:01:50 PDT 2004

>Maybe this is colored by my lack of enthusiasm for Six Organs of
>Admittance, but I'm guessing "the representative from Corwood" came by
>to see the hall and the stage, not specifically to hear them.

I'd assume that to be true.  My original thought was that perhaps David 
Tibet persuaded the Corwood representative to check out Six Organs, since I 
know he (David) is a big fan of both artists.  It's become a little more 
clear now that Mr. Corwood probably didn't have enough contact with anyone 
to be talked into such a thing.

>I've heard the live MP3's now.  They're great; my fears about the rhythm
>section were unfounded.  The sound quality is surprisingly good, too.
>Does anyone know who actually made the recording...?  Or is that person
>not wanting to identify themselves for fear Corwood might object?

The person who made the recording wishes to remain anonymous.  Fitting, eh? 

-- Chris

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