[Jandek] I Met You

Oogsab at aol.com Oogsab at aol.com
Thu Oct 21 13:16:19 PDT 2004

listening to the most recent CD, the lyrics to the following have just begun to take on something of a new meaning, in light of the past weekend's events... or is it just me...?

I Met You
I got at least one more thing to say 
I’ll make you the first choice 
And then we’ll see what happens 
I’m gonna give it all that it needs
It doesn’t need water 
It doesn’t need any excess 
I don’t know if there’s just the right amount 
But I hope I can figure it out 
And give you just the right amount so that you lose yourself 
And become a part of my reality 
I got a world, I found you on the periphery 
Somehow I pulled you in 
Now that you’re here, tell me 
Is it the best place you ever know 
Because I’m at the best place I ever knew 
And it’s just after I met you 

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