[Jandek] I just realized that I'm dead

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Thu Oct 21 12:11:51 PDT 2004

it's true.  i hit you in the head with a brick.  you were not paying

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So I'm still reeling from the idea that Jandek performed live, which I've
said again and again would never happen, and everybody kinda understood
would never happen.

And then it occured to me this morning that I own a copy of SMiLE that isn't
bootlegged from anything. That was obvious, right? SMiLE couldn't come out -
it had been 37 years!  it was unfinishable.  Wilson would never do it. He
said so himself.

So Brian Wilson releases SMiLE and Janky jams out, all in the same four

That's when I realized that I'm dead.  This is heaven (cause in Hell there
is no Jandek or Brian Wilson, just Peter Cetera, alll the tiiiiime, and it's
always that Karate Kid song) and I haven't realized it yet.

So, could anyone tell me how I died, cause this has gone on too long to be a
dream, and I don't feel like waking up tomorrow to see the headline "Elvis
Really Did Fake Death" as the headline of the New York Times.

Or, if I am alive (and I seem to be, in spite of evidence to the contrary)
I'll say this:

What a damn month to be alive.

Still jittery about getting those MP3's,


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> i am working with chris nelson to get them up on my site...will
> notify you all
> when they are up (i will try to put them up as real stream also)
> -joshua
> Quoting Ryan 0 <checkeye at hotmail.com>:
> > I'm having trouble finding the live Jandek mp3's on Soulseek, or
> any other
> > P2P for that matter.  It's worth a ten-spot to me for a CD-R
> with 'em on it.
> > Anyone who's got the tracks interested?  Just email me back at
> > Checkeye at hotmail.com, and I'll send you cash.
> >
> > -Ryan Rock, jazz, country, soul & more.  Find the music you love
> on MSN
> > Music!
> >
> >
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