[Jandek] unnecessary clincher

Charles Gillett eelpout at usa.net
Thu Oct 21 10:13:18 PDT 2004

A friend of mine was expressing doubts, even after hearing the recording
(which is enough for me--the guitar sound alone is enough), so I showed him
this comparison:


Looks like a match to me.

My head isn't together enough for me to express my thoughts about the Instal
show.  Probably just as well.  I kind of wish I had given Richard Youngs more
of a chance before now; a few years ago I heard one of his albums with Simon
Wickham-Smith (I think...it could have been one with Brian Lavelle) and I
found it tiresome.  I didn't know his output was as diverse as it is.  I think
he did a great job on the Instal set.

Thanks to Joshua for the MP3s.  Some PayPal dollars are on the way.

-- Charles

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