[Jandek] Richard youngs

justin evans jusevans at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 20 00:55:26 PDT 2004

ok, so I can't even imagine this being a dissappointment to anyone. 
Huge thanks to whoever made this possible. And above all to Jandek. Man 
if you are reading this, (Jandek) (or any of the other musicians 
involved)... Thank you so much... for playing live etc.

As someone who has been playing in (both hopefully and committedly) 
self-imposed obscurity for a really long time, it is so crazy exciting 
to see two of my favorite musicians playing together. One in a slightly 
brighter light than we are all accustomed to seeing him in, but 
whatever, it's fucking music, and amazing music at that.

After listening to the mp3's I can't even believe that anyone would 
have any problems with the "backing band".

And anyways it's not like R.Youngs is like Steve Albini or something. 
Mr. Youngs has been making some of the most beautiful "outsider" music 
for like 100 years or something, and not exaclty in a hugely 
"recoginized" fashion. And for once it's pretty great to not see a 
musician (Jandek) fetishised, and taken seriously by a music community 
that his work has inspired and fostered for, well, at least the 
entirety of my adult life. For me, anyways, it's like having something 
impossible happening, i can't really believe it, even after listening 
to the live tracks 10x. Thank you both (if either of you are reading 
this) so much for the amazing commitment and inspiriation. It's pretty 
rare that I can unreservedly throw those two words out. And hexes on 
all you "disappointment" people out there...

Thanks also to whoever posted the mp3's out there, and congrats to 
whoever was at the show, I can't imagine what that one was like. I 
wasn't even there and this feels like christmas or something.

Holy shit!

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