[Jandek] another thought...he looked thin

Todd Madson crash at waste.org
Tue Oct 19 13:46:21 PDT 2004

Speaking as a guy who is a road cyclist (almost unhealthily obsessed
with it too) and having lost a bunch of weight: anytime a woman loses
tons of weight it's "Wow, you look terrific" (my wife's lost 78 pounds
and consistently floors everyone).  Me on the other hand having lost
52 pounds I get the "Madson, what's the deal, do you have cancer or
something?"  Heh.  Just because he's thin doesn't mean he's sick.  But
it's certainly possible.

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, Ian wrote:

> someone mentioned that he looked "rockstar-thin"
> going back and looking at some of the album covers,
> and especially some of the more recent ones (though,
> no one knows when these pictures were taken of course)
> he looks really thin in comparison.  almost
> unhealthily so.  he was always thin but he has sunken
> cheeks and things of that nature
> i didn't even think about it, but when i was
> discussing it with my girlfriend and was talking about
> the last album name and stuff like that she asked, "is
> he sick?"
> any thoughts?
> your friend,
> worried in PA
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