[Jandek] "he got you (us) good and proper this time"

Oogsab at aol.com Oogsab at aol.com
Tue Oct 19 10:16:03 PDT 2004

now that all of this has set in (I have not received or read through this much email since... ever), I've got to say that first and foremost, I am extremely jealous of all those who were in attendance at the Instal.04 festival... I've had the extreme pleasure over the last few years to witness many live performances that I had previously written off as impossible (Samla Mammas Manna jumps to mind), but live Janky really takes the cake... oh well... any frustration or resentment that I might display towards all of this that went on is really nothing but an extension of my jealousy, and I'm hoping at this point that this was not an isolated occurrence but a new phase... does it make sense? of course not, but nothing did previously, either... at long last, though, as has been pointed out already, he has decidedly removed his work from the realm of possible tongue-in-cheek/in-jokedness/laughing-at-you into something more concrete and "serious"... wouldn't the realization of the latter have felt so horrible after all this time...?

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