[Jandek] Assumptions

Darin Mitchell susseddm at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 19 03:05:49 PDT 2004

We've been assuming that this was Jandek's first performance. But what if it 

Most people at the show had no idea who was performing and didn't learn who 
it was until after the fact. Perhaps he has performed before and folks' just 
didn't know it (especially if it was at smaller venues).

Also, I was struck by the fact that I've heard a couple of people both 
remark how comfortable Jandek looked on stage. Perhaps this was not his 
first time.

Perhaps this was just the first time he has played a large venue or got 

Interesting that "Jandek" was never used. Am I to believe that he wasn't 
even announced as he went on stage? Or left it?

Interesting. Weird. Jandek.

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