[Jandek] Recording of the Instal gig.

djobe djobe at uark.edu
Mon Oct 18 17:54:02 PDT 2004

As I have damnable dial up at this moment I will plea on my knees really 
begging PLEASE put them up SOMEWHERE besides P2Ps as mp3s! And let us know 
ASAP! This may be the most unbelievable day ever.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to 
whoever does this.

Oh, and RE my earlier post:  David Tibet's word is enough for me, I no longer 
need to bother the man with it.  However, I wonder if Janky's ever thought of 
playing Arkansas.  We're just one state north and I've got some beautiful land 
he could host a gig on...



>===== Original Message From joshua at teahaile.com =====
>i'll gladly host it.  email it to me teahaile1 at teahaile.com
>- j
>Quoting Chris Nelson <embassy_row at hotmail.com>:
>> I don't have the means to host this, but if someone does, please let me
>> know.
>> I've got MP3s, and it should be spreading through SLSK as we speak.
>> The band sound...  well, I don't think it really suits him, but his voice
>> sounds wonderful.
>> The drummer is trying a little too hard.  I'd enjoy it a lot more with just
>> Jandek and Youngs, or (oh lord!) Jandek solo.
>> - Chris
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