Collins, Brendan G BCOLLINS at sjmc.org
Mon Oct 18 12:46:38 PDT 2004

	Shock, disappointment, and skepticism, even downright denial.

	"And the future should be quite surprizing." Indeed, my breath
caught in my throat when I saw the photographic evidence (but not a
moment before).  The great shock of this morning - a virtual unknown
takes the stand and sings - takes place every day in coffee shops
around the world, with nary an eyebrow raised.  Why is that, do you

	Has Jandek lived up to our standards after this revelation?
Are we like children whose friends have just told us that Santa Claus
isn't real?  Have we smelled blood and now have begun to circle?  How
has this changed the haggard, gaunt face of the Jandek Of Our Minds?

	It also brings up a plaintive issue with the "Jandek On
Corwood" DVD.  As the directors have gone out of their way to paint a
shroud of mystery around the man, does this cater to baser humanistic
tendencies, and reject the truth?  I say that it does not - it creates
an atmosphere, and makes for a more enchanting, more entertaining
piece than a mere fact-by-fact accounting for each release under the
Jandek name.

	Is Jandek less "pure" than before?  By this logic, process by
which his music reached out to many of us has "degraded" this
formerly-held integrity.  The compelling aspect (i.e. who, or what, is
Jandek?) is a tincture of the real thing, which is the man's music.
Paradoxically, by locking his audience out of his life, he has done as
much for himself as if he had been completely open about things,
albeit on an alternate plane.

	So, Jandek live?  I can't say I'm disappointed in him, but in
my own vision of Jandek, disappointed in the sense that I thought I
had it all figured out.  

	Color me "surprized."


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