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He did indeed have a lyric stand, deliberately turning over a sheet between
each song. He played in total, I think, eight songs. None of which I
recognized, but I did manage to note down a few lyric fragments along the
way. Don't know if anyone recognizes any of these:

1. 'Water across my lips', 'I'm a gone, gone, goner / hang me out to dry',
'I'll see you later down the road'

2. 'I feel light as a feather since you're gone', 'there's only this room
where I stay / I stare at objects but I don't see them'

3. 'please take me back to you / there's nothing else I want to do'

4. 'I'm floating in a sea of red / drowning down can't get no air / and you
done told me I ain't got no life / I'm rolling my eyes / the last gasp is
coming on'

5. 'I stayed home and did a wash / what else could I do? / I got up on
Sunday / I washed my clothes'
'I made the decision to get real wild'
(this line about getting 'read wild' was delivered with a grim relish and
greeted with immense enthusiasm by the crowd)

6. 'I got blues for you baby'

7. 'it's been so long baby / I don't really know what I got / I'll wallow in
this feeling'

8. 'about a girl / she broke my heart / when I was five / I got so old now /
where's the other half / of my heart?'


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> so... for anyone who was there... what songs did he play?  from the photos, it
> looks like he had a lyric stand.
> - james
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