[Jandek] Jandek live...uh-huh

Jason Cooley jasonx12 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 18 11:09:04 PDT 2004

I don't think any of us affects anything Jandek
decides to do.

I was going to suggest emailing Katy Vine and asking
her to verify the pictures, but it seems pretty
obvious this is real.  I also felt a vague tinge of
disappointment, but it's gone now.  This is just
another awesome twist in the story.

--- "Collins, Brendan G" <BCOLLINS at sjmc.org> wrote:

> Might we be spooking the guy into seclusion again,
> though?  As awesome
> as a live concert would be, he's really just a guy
> with some unworldly
> music, and wants his voice to be out there.  If we
> make a huge deal
> out of a possible live appearance (and sure, it's a
> big deal to us,
> but...) it might prove to be too much for the guy.
> He puts his toe in the water, and unseen beings pull
> him in over his
> head.  The stuff nightmares are made of.  And I
> suspect Jandek has
> plenty of nightmare material as it is...
> Just a thought.

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