[Jandek] Jandek plays live in Glasgow (!)

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Mon Oct 18 08:50:02 PDT 2004

So this is probably all over the place by now, but for anyone who hasn't 
heard, Jandek showed up and played the Instal Festival in Glasgow last night 
(Sunday, Oct. 17).  A fellow on a board that I post on has a friend who was 
there, and was kind enough to provide photographic proof.  (You'll need to 
copy/paste the link into your browser.)  Janky is thinner than we've seen 
him on the album covers, and older too.  Kind of looking like a cross 
between Tom Waits and Joe Jackson.  Anyway...


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This is not a hoax! FUCKIN' JANDEK.!

I turned up early to catch kan mikami when Richard youngs came on and
played bass and the Drummer ffrom scatter played uh, drums. Then this
thin guy dressed in black with a hat ambles onstage. he played a
surprisingly expensive looking fender semi acoustic with no soundhole.
once he started playing I thought "who is this prick ripping off
jandek" there was no mistaking the vocals and guitar playing but i
couldn't take it in that it was really him. I was sitting beside some
reviewer guy from the wire who confirmed it. he also said that he only
agreed to do it if it wasn't announced The band really rocked they had
a loose groove going most of the time. Jandek sang "lets get wild" on
one song and they crowd at the front were digging it. I'm quite sure
90% of people hadn't a clue. The Janster smiled after two songs so i
cheered louder hoping he'd get a taste of adulation. then i was afraid
he'd freak out. i can honestly say he was enjoying himself and was
totally at home on stage. He also sang about doing his washing in a
deadpan way. and about a five year old girl who broke his heart. There
was no in between song banter surprise, surprise.
It was simply a great gig even if it took a couple of songs to get
into it. I'm sorry i can't describe it more but i'm honestly still in
shock and my brain is addled by beer and all the other amazing music i
heard today

I know some of you won't beleive this until the wire or something
comes out but i just had to tell people.

Good night,


Interesting indeed...


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