[Jandek] My Box o' 20...the full message

Na Na ketaminesun at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 03:55:55 PDT 2004

(I tried sending this same message a few days ago, but
apparently I messed up somehow and the end got cut
off.  So here it is again with some extra stuff tacked
on too.)

Hi all,

I just recently ordered a box of 20 CDs from Corwood. 
I wanted to ask a question...it almost felt like
consulting a mystical oracle or something!  Anyway I
couldn't come up with anything great so I just asked
something that I personally have always been curious
about.  I asked why the numbering on the CDs started
at 0739 and not 0001 and was there any signifigance? 
The reply that came with my CDs is below and verbatim:

START 0739

It was mentioned at one point about starting a list of
questions that were asked to Corwood/Jandek and the
answers received.  Is that still something people want
to do?  I'd be glad to do it if we're all still game. 
If that's the case, feel free to send your info my way
( ketaminesun at yahoo.com ) and I'll compile it all and
send out the finished list to everyone.  Or maybe Seth
would want to post a list like that on his site once
it's done.  Or even if he didn't want to make that
part of his page, maybe at least offer a link to a
page like that from his site.  Let me know what you

Take care, 


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