[Jandek] Re: ... she don't like Janky, but that's alright.

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Thu Nov 25 07:36:20 PST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:52:28 -0600 (CST) "Phil Harwell"
<phil at philharwell.com> writes:
> (Almost) needless to say, she wasn't impressed, but she wasn't repulsed
> it, and said that she definitely couldn't listen to a whole album of

Once, when I really wanted to try to wrap my head around his music, I
decided to listen to nothing but Jandek, from the first record to the
last... this was about four years ago, when I finally had all of the back
stock (getting some of the middle records I hadn't acquired yet on cd
taped for me from friends).  It took around three weeks to listen to it
all... twice.  Nothing but Jandek.  No radio, no breaks, just Jandek on
my (roughly) hour and a half commute to and from work.  

My girlfriend says she never wants me to do that again.  It was like
being on drugs.  Another world altogether.  You know when you're reading
a brilliant book for 7 hours and when you lift your head, it's hard to
come back to reality?  Like that, but much deeper, and more disturbing. 
I became irritated, and reclusive.  It was wonderful.  You can really
begin to piece apart all the different styles within Jandek's own genre. 
If I ever have a week to myself, I think I'll do it again, and try to
record my thoughts.  It was a bizarre time.

Happy Ho HO's,
Chuck P.

PS.  Anyone heard of Ariel Pink from LA?  One of my new favorites.  He
sounds nothing like Jandek, but has a singular vision of direction with
his music, similarly to Jandek.  Haunted Grafitti 2 was just reissued by
the Animal Collective's label Paw Tracks... well worth checking out if
you're brave enough to love Janky... and I know you are.


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