[Jandek] CONTROL

Tad Roebuck eroebuck at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 23 06:32:54 PST 2004

This may well have been covered in the weeks before I signed on... But I'll put it out there... 

Up until now, every image of Jandek, every release of every note of music has been controlled by him - er, sorry, by Corwood. With his recent performance, there's been a slew of photos and unofficial recordings documenting the event... 

Besides the fact that he made the appearance in the first place... to me, almost as interesting is the fact that "Corwood" is now no longer the sole keeper of the Jandek image, or of the music made by it's sole artist. Up to now, we've seen only what was wanted to be seen, heard exactly what was wanted to be heard. It'll be interesting to see, in the long term, how this will affect perceptions of Jandek. 

My two cents.

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