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Jason Thompson konajinx at comcast.net
Wed Nov 17 05:20:57 PST 2004

Hi all.

My name's Jason Thompson.  As you can tell from the subject header, I'm new to the list.  I do reside in Pittsburgh as you can also see and have been a Jandek fan since earlier this year.  I'm a staff writer for PopMatters.com, and recently submitted a piece on Jandek, Jandek on Corwood, and his recent live gig at Instal.  Hopefully it will run fairly soon.  I had the idea to write up the article when I was asked to review the newest Devendra Banhart CD.  And to me, Banhart has always seemed like a more "musically normal" version of Jandek.

Anyway, as to what I own of the man's work...I am purchasing the albums (discs technically, but I'm almost 32, so I'm still of that generation who calls 'em albums and remembers when "record stores" had records in them) chronologically and have the first 13.  Just ordered Modern Dances and Blue Corpse from Jack over at Flipped Out Records yesterday.  I do have the Jandek on Corwood DVD and have to say I was really surprised when it arrived as early as it did...last week sometme, since I did have it on pre-order and assumed it was going to ship a little later as per the website info.  I think it's a great docu, certainly as much fun for the fans who are familiar with the work as it is for an outsider.

As far as my fave recordings from what I currently have, I'd have to give the "five star" ratings to Six and Six, Your Turn To Fall, Interstellar Discussion, and possibly Follow Your Footsteps just because hearing Jandek approximate something close to "regular" chrod structures on that album was as much of a jolt as hearing his do his "regular" thing.  Anyhow, I'm also a DJ for KIBC over at krankit.com (DJ Haxor is my cornball moniker there).  I play Sunday nights 9 PM-12 AM EST, and Monday nights 6-9 PM EST, and this past week I closed both nights with some Jandek.  Specifically, a couple things I played were "This is a Death Dream" and "Centaur Train" and "She Fell Down".  One guy loved it right away.  He said he loved the guitar and seemed genuinely interested in Jandek, saying he had heard the name but never any of the actual music.  Other people did the usual take of "What the hell is that?" or, "OK this beats out Mrs. Miller" etc.  It's always great fun to see any reactions, and to get even instant results online (krankit has a chat room that you sit in while you DJ and take requests or whatever) is more than satisfying.

So anyway, that's a little about me.  Glad to be part of the list.  I look forward to reading everyone else's ideas on the man and his work and all that other good stuff.  Till next time, then.

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