[Jandek] the jandek tuning

Ian gentlegiant810 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 09:05:01 PST 2004

i'm not sure what the notes are, and i'm sure this has
been covered before, but as i watched the interview
and i heard jandek explain that his tuning is very
delibarate, it made total sense.

so why not try it?

i mean, there is an untuned guitar and then there is
the jandek tuning.  i sat down with my guitar and just
played the strings and fiddled with the tuning pegs
until i had the approximate notes that you hear on a
lot of jandek recordings.  it's great because my
friend just reached over and plucked a few strings
last night and both my girlfriend and i said, "wow,
that is jandek."

has anyone figured out the exact notes?

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