[Jandek] Open Mic Jandek Cover Night in Pittsburgh, PA--this Friday!

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Mon Nov 1 10:54:00 PST 2004

Jandek Night at Kiva Han (Forbes & Craig), Friday, November 5 (this Friday!)

What a year it's been.  The documentary is making its way around (and 
will be playing here next week), Jandek's played live in Scotland, 
and at this rate he'll be doing Gap commercials in a year.   Once 
again, we're having a tribute on Jandek Day--an Open Mic Jandek Cover 
Night.  Anyone could show up and play, but you have to cover a Jandek 
tune.  For this year, I've made arrangements for the bigger room 
(Forbes & Craig Kiva Han).

What you need to know: There will be a PA, but no room for a full 
band.  There probably won't be room for a drum kit. I'll have some 
additional low-volume amplification, and the all-important reverb for 
the vocals, as well as a mic. I'll have lyrics available on the 
laptop if you need a refresher.

The first part of the evening will be at 8, with non-Jandek 
performances from Kaba Kick and jair-Rohm (all the way from Sweden), 
and we'll get rolling around 9:45. But do come out and support these 
other folks. ($5 door.)  So make your plans now, study the Jandek 
back catalog, and drop me a line.

Forbes Avenue and Craig Street, Pittsburgh (Oakland--right near the 
Carnegie). After Kaba Kick and jair-Rohm, who start at 8, and will be 
$5. All ages.


Maurice Rickard
http://mauricerickard.com/   |   http://onezeromusic.com/

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