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Tue May 18 14:34:50 PDT 2004


Not sure if this has already been posted. It's a
positive review of the Documentary. Caution though, it
contains a semi-spoiler of the much-hyped ending. 

I'm nearly done with my presentation on Jandek. We had
to make a basic argument, so mine goes like this: 

"Though Jandek’s music seems untalented, frustrating,
pointless, and completely non-musical at first glance,
a closer look will reveal a body of work with
tremendous artistic integrity that speaks to the very
core of human artistic ambition- the desire for

I go on to explain how I consider Jandek to be at the
forefront of a perhaps unintentional movement to break
down the barriers of pop music, which I consider to be
a squandered art form with loads of potentential (this
idea has probably been influenced by my recent reading
of "Understanding Comics", which makes a similar case
for comic books). Keep in mind that I define "pop
music" as being any form of music that relies heavily
on spoken or sung lyrics as a part of the experience.
Obviously, people like Sun-Ra and John Cage have been
pushing the boundries of Jazz and Classical
(respectively) for years, so I needed a definition
that would exclude them and emphasise Jandek's
significance as the chief explorer of the most outer
limits of pop music. 

In the presentation I hold the "mystery" over people's
heads and reveal the information gained from the two
interviews at the end. I try to emphasise the music
over the mystery, though the question of which is more
important will probably be debated forever. We know
Sterling's opinion, but no one ever listens to the
artist's interpretation, right? (note: tongue in cheek

I was hoping the guys would have had the DVD out by
now so I could use it, oh well. I am going to use the

I was looking in the list archives for some insight,
hut I just ended up being embarassed by my own silly
posts. The Ohio theory, the argument over what "art"
is, the slamming of the late period stuff, overuse and
misuse of the word "pretentious"... man what a geek I
was. Can't believe you guys put up with me (acually,
some of you didn't)! Oh well, every list needs a
raving fanboy, right? Heck, you should see the Weezer
forums. Those kids are vicious towards their own
favorite band! 

Speaking of forums, why hasn't someone started a
Jandek mesasage board? Let's face it, this mailing
list stuff isn't exactly with the times. It's not hard
to make a forum. I could possibly do it, but only if
people would want to join.

"Live the half life"


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