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Daniel Marks alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Sat May 1 19:38:16 PDT 2004

woah that's a weird cover boy theory---but anything's
possible. especially with the infinite improbability

and as for the seven novels---he could have just been
lying. and if they were anything like his music, they
were probably far from normal, could have all been
very short. we all know now, he was actually about 26
when he made RFTH; he was boring in 1945. too bad he
burned the novels. there are only a few things i'd
like to read more than those.

--- Jonathan Vincent <jcvinc2 at pop.uky.edu> wrote:
> I was at an art museum today, looking at some
> challenging modern art, and wondering why
> experimentation in art has always been so much more
> accepted than experimentation in music. Is Pollock's
> expression of pure feeling through random (but
> carefully chosen) paint splotches any different from
> Jandek's emotive random (but carefully chosen)string
> plucking? Is it even possible to pick carefully and
> feel random? 
>                        SEVERAL RANDOM THINGS ON
>         I'm not so sure that pollock's stuff was
> that accepted in his
> time. more like it was hyped as being weird and used
> to expoloit the
> artist as some kind of fringe lunatic. not sure if
> it actually helped
> his state of mind a lot. not sure how much it helped
> his pocketbook
> either. maybe this is/was what our man is/was trying
> to avoid by staying
> under the radar of all the critism and scrutiny that
> a major marketing
> campaign(or even an indie release with ton's of fan
> boy mags)would
> entail.
>         As to the theory that our boy was around 18
> when RFTH was
> recorded. well according to "songs in the key of Z" 
> chusid writes
> "Two weeks later, Sterling Smith called. He rambled
> in a halting
> monotone. I asked questions; he gave oblique
> answers. He wouldn't
> explain what he did for a living. He'd pressed one
> thousand copies of
> Ready for the House--and sold two. He'd recorded
> enough material for ten
> albums, and hoped to release them all. He'd written
> seven novels, but
> after they'd been rejected by New York publishers,
> he'd burned all the
> manuscripts."
> This would have been two weeks after the 10/20/80
> letter that was
> written asking for clarification about what RFTH was
> supposed to be.
> Now that is quite a bit of work for a twenty
> something year old to have
> accomplished. seven novels. it could be he did it
> but if so he was even
> more prolific as a novelist than as a recording
> artist. 
> Now a question. does anyone on the list have access
> to the "Milstein
> file' and if so would it be possible to put it's
> contents on mr. tissues
> page? If there was communication from the man behind
> jandek. as I
> understand it. most of it was contained there.
> Now I will save my theories about the guy on the
> album covers not being
> jandek but his obsession/lover/boy toy for later. 
> I am sure I have angered enough people for this fine
> day.
> I am seeing six organs of admittance tonight at a
> friends place. should
> be a fine show.
>                                Peace
>                                       jonathan
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