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Josh. magneticring at telus.net
Tue Mar 2 18:12:22 PST 2004

Actually, listening to those 2 records would make you think they are the
same artist. 
Also, they are the only 2 records ever released by Voice records as far as
Iıve read.

   Iım pretty sure its the same guy.

On 3/2/04 5:51 PM, "R. Lim" <rlim at inch.com> wrote:

> Actually, the information from the Paradigm site is a little out of date.
> For the record, Brast Burn and Karuna Khyal were solo multi-track projects
> of two different people.  They were discovered at the same time and the
> two albums came out at the same time, in 1976.
>  -rob
> On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Josh. wrote:
>> >     Anyone out there ever hear the ³Brast Burn² Lp or KARUNA KHYAL...
>> > basically the same japanese fellow who released these 2 mind blowing
>> > records, one in the 70's and the other in the early 80's.
>> >     No one knows who this guy is or can even track down traces of the
>> record
>> > store (voice records) that released these records. He's like a japanese
>> > jandek minus the huge output.

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