[Jandek] Shadows of Leaves Cover

brian t jandek21 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 29 18:21:20 PDT 2004

I think that someone also pointed out that the "Living End" album cover 
appears to have some of the background cut away.


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>As opposed to being a digitally altered photograph,
>isn't it possible that the figure is standing indoors?
>Perhaps the image of nature behind him is that sort of
>wall-paper photograph stuff, which simply repeats the
>same image over when you start a new sheet of it.
>If you don't know the sort of stuff I mean, it's in a
>scene of very popular film: "Lock, Stock, and Two
>Smoking Barrels" in which the character 'Dog' quotes
>Churchill and appears to be playing golf outdoors on a
>fall day, until the camera pans out and you see that
>the yellow leaves behind him are simply a large
>photograph-wallpaper spread and he is actually
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