[Jandek] Re: photoshop

Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 29 17:49:46 PDT 2004

Jandek goes on the internet for fun.
And I believe with all my heart he looks at us and

I know if i was him id do that.
I just think its so cool, like a bunch of strangers
all talking a;; the time about one man and his life
and his music.

Maybe thats sad, but I think its great.  That we
always, nearly every day, have something to talk

This is the first mailing list ive ever joined where
the messages on it are entertaining, fun,
educational...  And we all love his music so much.

Bought "I woke up" yesterday from Mono in Glasgow
(which is a fine stockist of Jandek CDs - at one point
they had FIFTEEN Jandek albums in...  Sadly, only two
remained, and they were both from the nineties... :(

Acht well...

Ah yes, and as for photoshop...  Its obvious its
concealing a great big sign.  He knows we'll pick it
apart, like his "European Tour" (i.e. front covers
with Cork on em and the price tags on "The Place")

Anyone know what shadows is like yet???


"97.5 per cent of all great British pop records have been created by individuals dreaming their teenage years away in fuggy box bedrooms on council estates. From Billy Fury all the way through to Sporty Spice - council house box bedrooms. Being stuck in a public school dormitory waiting for your weekly fix of the NME somehow doesn't do the trick." - Sir William Drummond

"Equality; I spoke that word as if a wedding vow..." - Bob Dylan

"I mean, I like Eric Clapton, but he's no Jandek." - Gary Pig Gold


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