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Ivan Shiel ivan at barkingstars.com
Sat Jun 26 10:39:09 PDT 2004

I had a look at this and it seems that the path over Jandek's left
shoulder is largely a photoshop creation.  Some of it is quite
hard to locate in the rest of the picture, but I've marked all the
obvious areas that repeat.  The parts that aren't marked feature so
much repetition it looks like it's covering stuff up too.  Also the
leaves in that path are bigger than the ones in the other path.
Anyway, here it is:

Saturday, June 26, 2004, 12:23:26 AM, you wrote:

ST> Pierre Sandgren writes:

>>From: "pierre sandgren" <sandgren_p at hotmail.com>
>>To: seth at tisue.net
>>Subject: RE: [Jandek] Shadow of Leaves
>>Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 22:16:44 +0000
>>hi great nu record listened it in the tub tonight.  never tired of the
>>jandek, men
>>the cover  was interesting with its repetition of some parts in the
>>back, look at the the left of the picture  and further to right and
>>yollsee.  hey  maybee lts cover somting up
>>cheers pierre

ST> He's right -- check it out.  Some of the trees along the top are
ST> duplicates of each other.  The photo appears to have been doctored in
ST> Photoshop in other places as well, for example around the figure's legs
ST> at the bottom edge and around left shoulder (his left, our right).
ST> Scandal!!

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