[Jandek] First Jandek Albums

Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 14:03:27 PDT 2004

--- Chuck Williamson <dynamite_ovaries at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hey.
> I just found out about Jandek and am certainly interested in
> the man and his music; therefore, I find it appropriate to go
> ahead and take the dive; I will buy some Jandek albums and
> explore the possibilities.
> So the problem is this: which albums should the neophyte pick
> up?  

Here's my picks:

Early vinyl period - Chair beside a window
Middle vinyl period - Foreign Keys
Late vinyl period - Blue Corpse, You Walk Alone or Somebody in
the Snow
Early CD period - New Town
Recent CD period - Put My Dream on this Planet (a capella) or I
Threw You Away

Sorry, but there's no way I could narrow down my choices to just
three :)


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